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Oceanside POS® Professional Edition v2.5

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Clock-In / Clock-Out

Time Tracking

Placing an Order TS

Place an Order on Table Service

Placing an Order QSR

Place an Order on Quick Service

Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates

1. POS Job Codes

Job Codes

2. POS Access Levels

Access Levels

3. POS Pay Grades

Pay Grades

4. POS Users

POS User Configuration

5. POS User Roles

User Roles

6. POS Printers

Printer Configuration

7. Forced Mods

Forced Modifiers

8. Exception Mods

Exception Modifiers

9. Pricing Intervals

Pricing Intervals

10. Products


11. BlogPosts

BlogPost Creation

12. Auto Gratuity

Auto Gratuity

13. Dayparts


14-A. Datacap


14-B. USA e-Pay

USA e-Pay

15. System Config

System Configuration

16. KIOSK Config

KIOSK Configuration

17. Gratuity Map

Gratuity Map

18. Discounts


19. House Accounts

House Accounts

20. Customer Display

Customer Display

Map QSR Buttons

Map Quick Service Buttons

posvar.sys 1 of 3

posvar.sys setup 1

posvar.sys 2 of 3

posvar.sys setup 2

posvar.sys 3 of 3

posvar.sys setup 3

Licensing Clients

Licensing Clients