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  • 40,000 Logical Lines of C# .Net 4.8
  • Additional Engineering at only $120 per Hour
  • We Specialize in Point-of-Sale
We Sell POS SOURCE CODE1 40,000 Lines of C# .Net 4.82 POS Engineers at $120 per Hour3 We Specialize in Point-of-Sale4

US Residents

Work with US Residents to Develop your POS System through a personal one-on-one relationship.


We have already put money and effort into developing a base POS System and you will benefit from our upfront investment.

Reliable & Proven

The system that we will base your personal Point of Sale Software on has been running in commerce since 2010. We will bring you to market quickly with code written by an Engineer who worked in the Aerospace industry for nearly a decade.


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Clean & Responsive

Easy to Understand

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in C# .Net 4.8 / NetCore 3,5,6

CEO Jason Brower

Decades of Experience

Architected by Jason Brower Jason Brower LinkedIn

PCI Validated

PA-DSS Validated

Software v2.0 is PA-DSS 2.0 Validated and versions 2.5+ are Designed OOS

Working with Passion and Knowledge

Jason Brower will be personally involved in the development of your Point of Sale project. He has a breadth and depth of engineering experience working on high performance, secure and safety critical software.

Jason formed Oceanside Software Corporation® in 2009 after working as a Software Engineer in industries requiring an attention to detail and a broad understanding of computing systems.

He maintains a low overhead at Oceanside Software and takes pride in being directly involved in your personal POS Engineering Project.

Aerospace8 Years
Anti-Counterfeiting2.5 Years
Point of Sale15 Years

3-Time Customer through 2 Companies

The source code for Oceanside POS® was the original codebase that has seeded many point-of-sale systems running world-wide today. One of our most important customers, Thomas Castleberry, has been heavily involved in directing a couple of these companies which are responsible for thousands of terminal deployments in a highly competitive market, and it all started with Oceanside POS®.

Just as those companies have benefited from the faster time to market and cost savings that our code provides, we have benefited from the knowledge, feedback, and direction that our customer's have given us since we formed in 2009. We are appreciative for this symbiotic relationship because the point-of-sale industry relies heavily on carnal knowledge.

Thomas A. Castleberry

I am honored to have met, licensed products from and worked with Jason. He is a top notch, stand-up guy with some mad developer and social skills!

Thomas Castleberry

Thomas A. Castleberry
Founder at PatronTek
Former COO SkyWire, Inc. (now Paltronics Pebble POS)