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Point-of-Sale Industry Technology Blog

Our Passion is Focused on the Advancement of Payment Processing and Point-of-Sale Technology

eBay Security Breach

POS SECURITY | Information security and customer data protection are of paramount importance to eBay Inc., and admits in March a cyberattack compromised a database containing encrypted passwords and other non-financial data.

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Clinkle the Stealth Payments Service App Hacked before Launch

Clinkle the stealth payments service app that will use high-frequency sound to interact with POS systems managed to raise $30 million... hacked before launching anything. A anonymous PasteBin user leaked a list of the only 33 Clinkle users, user IDs, profile photos, and phone numbers to PasteBin. Based on the data provided, it seems as though these users are Clinkle employees who are testing the app.

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POS Security Update | The Random Access Memory (RAM) scraping menace dubbed Decebal

The Random Access Memory (RAM) scraping menace dubbed Decebal, surfaced more mutated & much more effective than its predecessors. It shows the increasingly determined efforts underway to continue exploiting widely deployed off-the-shelf point-of-sale systems. The latest of four different strains of PoS RAM scraping malware developed in 12 months, Decebal executes 400 lines of virtually indiscernible Visual Basic Scripting say Cisco Systems Security experts.

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POS News | Black POS used by Cyber-Criminals to Steal 110 Million

POS NEWS | Malware identified as Black POS used by cyber-criminals to steal 110 million plus Target customer credit card details was an off-the-shelf product. It was designed & deployed by a 17 year-old St. Petersburg-based Russian programmer, claims US security firm IntelCrawler. What is more, the accused and his work was reported to US banks summer 2013. Does placing blame change the new age of malware emerging almost daily? The Reality: threats are aimed directly at the largest global discount & exclusive luxury retailers in the world. The widely-deployed POS systems have even comprised major US banks. Ever-mounting evidence continues to reveal industry compliant, one-size-fits-all POS products enable the vulnerabilities at the core recent transaction-focused attacks. Can at risk players in the payments ecosystem do anything but assess damaging fallout while waiting for the next breach? Alternatives to ineffective off-the-shelf POS software like newly announced Oceanside POS N3XMOD feature code that far surpasses PCI Compliance. It's engineered to thwart hacks dreamt up by cyber-crooks & secures sales data in the ever-changing retail, restaurant & quick casual businesses.

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POS News | Malware Targeting Point of Sale Systems

For quite some time, cyber criminals have been targeting consumer data entered in POS systems. In the past criminals attach a physical device to a POS to collect card data (skimming). Now, cyber criminals are delivering malware which acquires card data as it passes through a POS system, eventually exfiltrating desired data back to the bad-guys. Once cyber-criminals such data, it is often trafficked to other suspects who use the data to create fraudulent credit and debit cards. POS systems often are enabled to access the internet & email services. Therefore malicious links or attachments in emails as well as malicious websites can be accessed & malware may subsequently be downloaded by an end user of a POS system unknowingly. A recent & urgent alert from US-CERT outlines the risks & steps to take to mitigate the return on investment for criminals to compromise your POS system... which is much higher for a criminal to infect one POS system that will yield card data from multiple consumers.

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