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Oceanside Software hits 12 Year Milestone

Oceanside Software hits 12 Year Milestone

When I first started Oceanside Software back in 2009, and for many years to follow, announcing another year of surviving as a new technology company operating in a competitive POS industry was a post I was proud to share with family and friends on Facebook. Now 12 years later, I am still in business, but have spent much of my time focused on the future software and keeping up with all that the Microsoft .Net framework now offers. 

When I wrote this simple blogging software to enhance our website many years ago, I honestly did it solely to increase search engine traffic. I did write a couple lengthy articles, but other than that, most of the content was repost summaries pointing to news in the point of sale industry, posted on other websites. 

Although re-sharing interesting news about other companies can increase search engine traffic, it does nothing for promoting my own products that Oceanside offers. I work hard to write the cleanest code possible and as a typical engineer does, I can always find ways to improve my software, finding more joy doing that than marketing what I currently have to offer. 

I feel extremely lucky to still be in business after surviving two major world-wide market downturns and a point-of-sale industry that is full of acquisitions and cutthroat competition. I sink my heart, soul and loads of caffeine into this company to help others succeed in this highly competitive market. Unfortunately no amount of effort can assure every customer dominates the POS industry as they hope to do when they finally decide to change their business model to create and sell their own point-of-sale solution. 

It takes a significant financial investment and ongoing support staff to meet the demands of the point-of-sale industry. However, that doesn’t mean that a smaller value added reseller can’t jump into this business as a newbie and thrive against all odds. 

Looking back on the last 12 years, my company was both a success and a failure. My goal starting out was to develop a rock solid POS system, combine it with the most reliable hardware and team up with a credit card processing company that offered customers flexible options with no contract locking them in to unfavorable terms and rates. From there, I planned to be my own VAR always assuring that nobody else could sacrifice the quality of my offerings for an additional profit. 

For a one-man company (having a helper here and there) I landed contracts with some well-known customers beating out some of the most advanced software companies available to the POS industry. Many of the photos you see on this website came from my early years. 

I achieved PCI PA-DSS validation, had booths at the National and Texas Restaurant Association shows and landed contracts with well-known institutions including the University of North Texas. However, as I was 3 years into the business in 2012, I was running on fumes finding myself spending more time pounding the pavement trying to land new deals than doing what I loved, developing software. That’s when I decided to take the leap and license my source code to third party companies who had larger support and sales teams, but lacked an affordable conduit to create their own POS software. 

I have been doing that since 2012 and have re-written the software from the ground up 3 times, fighting that perfectionist who always feels like he can improve what he does. I easily have 20,000 hours of engineering effort wrapped up in the products that I offer and continue to invest my career in the POS industry while trying hard not to become distracted by so many more exciting verticals I could chase. 

Oceanside Software Corporation is me, Jason Brower. I hope I always have the opportunity to add value to software development and hopefully I will be back on here at the 20th year anniversary giving thanks to the opportunities I have had along the way.

-Jason Brower

USA e-Pay and PA-DSS Announcement:

Oceanside Software submitted our ROV to the PCI-DSS Standards Council for our Oceanside POS v2.0 software and it was accepted for another year of compliance.  We went through the original certification starting in 2010 and it was accepted in August of 2011.

As payment applications, payment technology and payment devices have advanced over the years we decided to take versions 2.5 and 3.0 OOS or Out of Scope.  This has allowed us to remain agile and to react quickly to market needs.  As an example, we recently integrated versions 2.5 and 3.0 with USA e-Pay and were done within 3 weeks.  To do that In the Scope of PA-DSS it would have taken several months and would have cost our customers a significant amount of money.

The USA e-Pay integration was done using their forms based method to accept the initial credit card transaction off on the USA e-Pay server; all other transactions that do not require the credit card such as adjust, void and batches are done using their SOAP API.  For more information see the 1-hour video that Jason Brower put together on our website's video section at http://posengineers.com/Home/VideosEnterprise under section 17-B USA e-Pay.

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