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Both Packages Include  

Note that our POS system source code advances far faster than our website indicates. Meaning, we are a small company and do not update our website nearly as frequently as we update our POS System source code, for major version 3 and beyond.

This has become especially true since 2016 when Microsoft began working on .NetCore then in 2020 .Net 5 and in 2021 .Net 6. For the most part, gone are the days when we were waiting on Microsoft to release the next version of .Net. Microsoft frameworks are more modular, progressive and open than they have ever been.

With that said, please contact us and ask to speak to Jason Brower to gain a full understanding of what we have to offer. Jason and our company has focused solely on POS systems since we formed in 2009. We own more products than we advertise, including a retail POS system that you can ask us about.

  • No Per Station Fees
  • No Royalty Fees
  • No Transaction Fees
  • No additional Fees at All
  • Unlimited .exe Deployments

Source Code

Payment Methods

  • Gift Cards
  • Credit and Debit Cards including Prepaid
  • Cash and Check
  • House Accounts
  • Comps, Voids and Promotions

Payment Functions

  • Accept Multiple Tenders
  • Multiple Promotions, Voids and Comps
  • Split Checks by Seat
  • Equal Payments
  • Thermal Receipt Printing
  • Accept Electronic Gratuity
  • Check Giftcard Balance
  • Quick Service Mode for Quick Pay
  • Out of Scope PA-DSS Compliant Processing


  • Master Sales Report
  • Sales by Revenue Center
  • Sales by Revenue Type
  • Sales by Daypart
  • Sales by Product Group
  • Sales by Employee
  • Voids, Comps and Promos by Employee
  • Voids, Comps and Promos by Manager
  • Voids, Comps and Promos by Type
  • Employee and House Checkouts
  • Payroll Reporting
  • Email, Print or Save Reports to Disk
  • PDF, Excel, CSV, Word and PowerPoint Formatted

Time Clocking

  • Clock-In and Clock-Out on up to 4 Custom Roles
  • Start and End Breaks
  • Configure User Security Levels
  • Configure Per User Role Paygrades


  • ESC/POS Epson Mode Compatible Printing
  • Up to Two Cash Drawers at a Single Terminal
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Windows 7 x86 / x64 and above Compatible
  • ESC POS Customer Facing Displays
  • Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) via ESC/POS
  • Credit Card Readers

Including these Functions and More

  • Transfer Table
  • Merge Tables and Orders Together
  • Reopen and Review Closed Checks
  • Reprint Receipts
  • Adjust Transactions
  • Terminal Initiated Batching
  • Cash Drops, Paid In / Outs

v2.5 Professional Source

$32,000 USD

  • 3 day on-site Consulting with US Travel Included
  • 27 Proprietary C# .Net 4.5 Project Files
  • C# .Net 4.5 Source Code
  • Designed and Updated between 2009-2014
  • Runs SQLExpress and SQL Compact 4.0
  • Use other Databases by Changing the DB Provider
  • Over 40,000 Source Lines of Logical Code
  • Base version 2.0 is PA-DSS In-Scope Validated
  • Deployed World-Wide under Independent Brands

Own your Destiny

Own your POS Software code and own your destiny. Control your companies future and remove risks by not relying on third party software venders that own your code and charge you per station Fees.

Our Enterprise and Pro Source code license includes unlimited binary distribution rights.

Our Website can't keep up with our Progress'

Since 2009 we have operated as a small company, spending all resources on improving our POS source code while often forgetting to update our website. We try to follow Microsoft's .Net release cycles and recommend giving us a call if you don't see what you are looking for.

v3+ Enterprise Source

$250,000 USD

  • 2 Week on-site Consulting with US Travel Included
  • 75 Proprietary C# .Net 5.0+ Project Files
  • C# .Net 5.0+ Source Code
  • Codebase Designed and Updated between 2009-Present
  • Runs SQLExpress and LocalDB
  • Use other Databases by Changing the DB Provider
  • Over 42,000 Source Lines of Logical Code
  • Better Design - Same ~SLOC yet More Features
  • Re-Write from the Ground Up
  • Independently Tested and Verified
  • Resharper Compliant Code
  • Architected for Teams of Engineers
  • Each Terminal has its own Database
  • Each Terminal's DB SYNCs with other Terminals
  • Will Run Off-Line while BOH Server is Down
  • Includes Periodic SYNC with Cloud Databases
  • UI Redesign with a Fresh new Look
  • The best of both QSR and TSR in One Interface
  • Unlimited Tax Configurations by Times and Days
  • Unlimted Surcharges by Times and Days
  • More Attractive QSR Mode
  • WhenToManage Integration
  • Room Service Processing
  • Assign Taxes based on Profit Centers
  • Unlimited Discounts on the same BlogPost Item
  • Custom Tender Types
  • SMS Integration
  • Coupon API
  • System Log Viewer
  • Clear all Sales Transactions with a Button's Push
  • Enter and Exit Demo Mode with a Button's Push
  • Easily Inject Sample Data
  • Drag and Drop Report Header Columns
  • Learn our Techniques via Pluralsight
  • Architected for Xamarin Mobile Solutions
  • Architecturally Poised to offer Mobile Versions
  • Architecturally Poised to offer Web/HTTP Versions
  • Development Directed by POS Industry Experts
  • "Kiosk" Renamed to Industry Standard "Terminal"
  • This version is the Future of all We Do at Oceanside
  • Indefinite Improvement Cycle - We will Never Stop

Build to Suit Plans Available

Talk to an Engineer by calling (214) 484-9559 and ask to speak to Jason Brower Jason Brower LinkedIn for details. No solicitations please.