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About Oceanside Software

Who We Are?

When I formed Oceanside Software Corporation® in 2009, I had worked as an engineer for an aerospace company with over 30,000 employees and an anti-counterfeiting firm with roughly 100. One of the things that I noticed immediately as I transitioned from the large aerospace company, to the smaller firm was that it was much more difficult to procure materials and assets needed to build out prototypes. MOQ applied to the smaller company, but was not applicable to the larger corporation because suppliers were salivating at the opportunity to work with the large corporation we were.

Having that in mind, I figured that nobody would work with a one-man show who was starting a new company with naïve levels of enthusiasm. So I wanted the company to sound big, and to me, Oceanside Software Corporation® sounded big (plus I use to have a dream of living near the ocean).

Ironically, it was the small size of my company that became part of the niche “we”, meaning I, offer. I am the person who writes the code, the contracts and even develops this website.

With that stated, please excuse the fact that my companies' website is likely not as current as the source code for the POS software that I design. My passion is in engineering and I am a perfectionist who strives to always do better.

Our Philoshopy

"Quality over Quantity"

-Jason Brower Jason Brower Jason Brower LinkedIn

Make no mistake about it, I am a perfectionist who carries great enthusiasm as I enter the office where I could easily be accused of being a workaholic.

However, it doesn't feel like work if you enjoy what you are working on and being able to focus on the quality of a product is what makes me thrive.

This is something hard to find in a high pressure, high sales quota based environment where the “paint is still wet” as the product is being shipped.

Though no software architecture is perfect, I work hard to improve my ability to see others pleased with the clarity in my code and the time that it saves developers deliver the agressive goals their leaders have set for them.

With over 14 years in business, I have kept my companies' size small because it is easier for me to remain focussed on engineering quality over sales quantity and this reflects in the cost of the products I offer.

Oceanside Software Corporation®

and our Target Market

Oceanside Software Corporation® started on July 6th of 2009 and was incorporated in the state of Texas on August 26th of 2009 to build point of sale systems for merchants. Although we landed some high profile customers and found great success as the reseller of our own software, we began to realize that our strengths were our ability to work directly with C level executives and developers, to help them bring their own point of sale solution to market.

We license our software libraries and source code to companies that need a starting point to build out their own vision of what a point-of-sale software system should offer. Our target market includes customers that either have existing software engineers supporting their company, or plan to hire those engineers in the near future.

Supporting and advancing a customized POS system is a never-ending process. There is a tremendous amount of code involved in creating these systems and we can tell you from experience that starting from scratch causes a significant delay to market and could easily cost $2 million to $5 million dollars on the low end with hundreds of millions of dollars to develop high end and multi-market point-of-sale systems.

Our licensing fee can be cost prohibitive for some companies, however we can assure you that trying to build what we have from scratch will cost you far more, whether you contract it out or attempt to build it internally. The cost to succeed in the POS industry doesn’t stop with building your own solution. Microsoft® Windows® is constantly being updated to make use of the latest technology and to address bugs and enhance features. Once you deploy your system, you can expect to do the same and that’s why it is important to us that you have a technical team capable of promoting your ongoing success, using our existing systems as your starting point.

If you understand the work required to be successful in the POS industry, we can provide that missing asset you need to jump into the market far before you would have had you made the same costly mistake we did in 2009 when we started from scratch.