USA e-Pay and PA-DSS Announcement:

Oceanside Software submitted our ROV to the PCI-DSS Standards Council for our Oceanside POS v2.0 software and it was accepted for another year of compliance.  We went through the original certification starting in 2010 and it was accepted in August of 2011.

As payment applications, payment technology and payment devices have advanced over the years we decided to take versions 2.5 and 3.0 OOS or Out of Scope.  This has allowed us to remain agile and to react quickly to market needs.  As an example, we recently integrated versions 2.5 and 3.0 with USA e-Pay and were done within 3 weeks.  To do that In the Scope of PA-DSS it would have taken several months and would have cost our customers a significant amount of money.

The USA e-Pay integration was done using their forms based method to accept the initial credit card transaction off on the USA e-Pay server; all other transactions that do not require the credit card such as adjust, void and batches are done using their SOAP API.  For more information see the 1-hour video that Jason Brower put together on our website's video section at under section 17-B USA e-Pay.

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